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Important Do's When Moving... Review this simple Moving To Do List! Helpful for Apartment Shoppers relocating from another state/country or moving within in the area.

Print this handy "Moving Check List" and start organizing your next move. You are on your way to a smooth relocation and move!

Research Your Move! - Prepare for your apartment move NOW!
  Search Apartments at aptShopper.com
  Research your Credit Score
  Obtain your Rental History
  Gather School Documents for Transfers
  Children Health Certificates for School
  Research Pet Policies
  Organize your Move
  Label Moving Boxes
  Contact Moving Truck Services/Supplies
  Check & Re-Check for a Smooth Move
  Local School Districts
  Childcare Services
  Park Recreation Facilities
  Emergency Phone Numbers
  Local Hospitals
  Tax Deductions Concerning Moving Expenses
  Distance to Work/School

  Department of Motor Vehicles
  Post Office
  Local Financial Institution
  Phone Company
  Utility Company
  Cable/Satellite Provider
  Internet Service Provider
  Insurance Company
  Moving Company
  Contact Family & Friends

  Donate any Items you don't Need
  Recycle and Reduce your Carbon Footprint Helping our Environment & Energy Savings
  Move Closer to Work, School